What is Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer™?

What is Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer™?

15th OF February

This is one of the most common questions we hear and comes in many different forms. The short answer is Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer is an essential input to any successful growing season.  We know our customers deserve a more complete answer so we will break down our unique 3 in 1 pHertilizer.

Plant Tuff is a 3 in 1 Silicon pHertilizer:

  • Provides Silicon to your soil in a plant available form
  • Micronutrient package containing (Ca,Mg,Fe,Mn)
  • Provides fast-acting, self-buffering pH adjustment that eliminates the need to apply Aglime

Plant Tuff provides all 3 of these benefits in one simple application. The silicon, micronutrients, and pH adjustment each provide a unique benefit that helps set your field up for a successful growing season.

The silicon in Plant Tuff helps your plants response to biotic and abiotic stresses. The silicon is taken into the plant, and helps strengthen the leaves and stalk as well as helps protect plants from lodging and stress caused from drought.

Micronutrients help the biological functions of the plants. The micronutrients in Plant Tuff help provide your plant with nutrients they need to stay healthy throughout the growing season.  The micronutrients provided can help cut back on other inputs and fertilizers to save money and increase margins.

The pH adjusting capability provided by Plant Tuff entirely removes the need to apply Aglime or similar products. The formulation of Plant Tuff allows it to be spread with low dust, and Plant Tuff typically spreads 15-20 feet wider than other dry products.