Plant Tuff® Silicon pHertilizer™ – 3 Products in 1 Application

Plant Tuff is a unique three in one silicon fertilizer, providing silicon, micronutrients, and pH adjustment that eliminates the need to apply lime. Applying Plant Tuff can reduce the need to apply other fertilizers and soil conditioners entirely.

Silicon pHertilizer – The Plant available Silicon in Plant Tuff plays a key role in your plants response to both biotic and abiotic stresses.

Micronutrients – In addition to Silicon, Plant Tuff is loaded with Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Manganese. These micronutrients are part of our guaranteed analysis of Plant Tuff. Each of these micronutrients play a unique and vital role in your plants growth.

pH Adjustment – Plant Tuff adjusts your field’s pH like no other product.  Plant Tuff is self-buffering meaning it will not burn your field if it is staged for an extensive period of time.  Unlike lime, Plant Tuff does not degrade over time and can be spread on your schedule.  Check out our winter spreading videos to see how it can be spread even with snow on the ground.

Plant Tuff with Tuff Shield Bucket

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