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Getting to the Root of Soil Fertility

Micronutrients play an essential role in your crop’s health.  Lieberg’s Law of the Minimum say’s growth is controlled not by the amount of resources available, but by the scarcest resource.  Fortunately, Plant Tuff® Silicon pHertilizer™ is loaded with nutrients to help your crop grow.

Beneficial Substance

Silicon (Si) – 4% – Silicon provides rigidity to stems and leaves and improves photosynthesis.  Silicon reduces transpiration which improves plant water efficiency.  When Silicon is taken up into the plant it turns to silicon dioxide (SiO2), acting like armor, protecting the plant from insects and disease.


Calcium (Ca) – 23% – Calcium stimulates root and leaf development, in addition to enabling nitrogen allowing the plant to make better use of any nitrogen fertilizers that are applied in addition to Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer™.  Calcium deficiencies occur in acidic soils, the addition of calcium helps balance the acidity in soils, allowing your plants to make more efficient use of your fertilizers and improve your yields.

Magnesium (Mg) – 4% – Magnesium helps facilitate photosynthesis which is essential in your plants growth.  Magnesium also helps in neutralizing acidity in soils, and contributes to root formation and water efficiency in plants.  In addition, Magnesium acts as a phosphorus carrier in plants which can help increase the efficiency of your phosphorous fertilizers.

Iron (Fe) – 14% – Iron plays a vital role in carrying oxygen in plants, and Iron deficiencies can harm your plants growth and development.  Iron acts as a catalyst to chlorophyll formation, meaning iron deficient plant will display a pale green leaf color.

Manganese (Mn) – 1.4% – Manganese helps facilitate chlorophyll synthesis, crops such as wheat and soybeans require high amounts of Mn.  Manganese is very immobile in plants so deficiency symptoms appear first on younger leaves, with yellowing between the veins.

In addition to our micronutrients in a guaranteed analysis, a typical analysis shows that Plant Tuff includes the following:


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