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“That Plant Tuff is amazing; I would recommend Plant Tuff to anyone seeking to improve crop performance…the wheat was a lot greener and a lot taller; it really makes a difference.”

Alvin Gnagey, Gnagey Farms, Bay Port, MI, with over 1,000 acres
of corn, wheat, sugar beets and soybeans

Crop Successes

Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer has shown dramatic results in field applications for many different crops in a variety of locations. The following describe just a few case studies highlighting these experiences:


Location: Lancaster, WI 2013 – 2015
Results: 10% yield improvement

Alfalfa Trial Summary Lancaster, WI


Location: Lachine, Michigan 2011
Results: 7% yield improvement


Location: White Pigeon, Michigan 2016
Results: 16% yield improvement – 20 bushels/acre.

Plant Tuff Cucumber Trial Summary


Location: Bay Port, Michigan 2010
Results: 50% yield Improvement – Achieved six cuttings during the season versus surrounding farms that only achieved four


Location: White Pigeon, Michigan 2016
Results: 10% yield improvement – 60 cwt/acre.

Plant Tuff Potato Trial Summary


Location: Lachine, Michigan 2011
Results: 17% yield improvement
Location: Bayport, Michigan 2010
Results: 10% yield improvement – Visual Observations showed plants in the treated section appeared healthier


Location: Dundee, Michigan 2016
Results: 20% yield improvement – 14 TN/acre.

Plant Tuff Tomato Trial Summary Dundee


Location: Bay Port, Michigan 2011
Results: 14% yield improvement – 12 bushels/acre.
Location: Bay Port, Michigan 2012
Results: 14% yield improvement – 16 bushels/acre.
Location: Birch Run, Michigan 2016
Results: 9.1% yield improvement – 9 bushels/acre.
Location: Dewitt, Michigan 2016
Results: 8.5% yield improvement – 9 bushels/acre.

Winter Wheat Trial Summary Dewitt

Map: Michigan Trial Results

Michigan Trial Map Results

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