Frequently Asked Questions about
Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer™

Q: How do I learn more?

A: Contact a Plant Tuff Sales Rep.

Q: Why should I use Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer?

A: Adding a soil conditioner like Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer® can help increase crop yields by up to 15%. Agricultural activities deplete silicon without replacing it. Research conducted on many soils worldwide has shown that supplying crops with plant-available silicon can suppress disease, reduce insect attack, improve environmental stress tolerance and increase crop yields. – Dr. Joseph Heckman, Dept. of Plant Biology & Pathology, Rutgers University.

Q: Does Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer impact my current N-P-K fertilizer program?

A: The N-P-K content of Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer is 0-0-0. It is intended to work in conjunction with your traditional fertilizer to enhance the availability of these macronutrients to the plant. Because Plant Tuff improves the efficiency of fertilizers, you may be able to reduce application of your current N-P-K fertilizer.

Q: Do I still need to use lime?

A: Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer eliminates the need for lime. A single application is all you need for your crops to thrive.

Q: What is the difference between Plant Tuff AgLime and Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer?

A: The following chart compares the two products:

Compare Plant Tuff AgLime and Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer Plant Tuff AgLime Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer
Neutralizes soil pH
Improves nutrient uptake
Improves soil structure
Aids water flow
Provides calcium, magnesium, iron & manganese
Contains Silicon
Aids drought tolerance
Increases resistance to diseases
Increases resistance to insects
Is eco-friendly
Is easy to apply

Q: What is the guaranteed analysis for Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer?

A: Guaranteed analysis is:

Calcium (Ca) 23.0%
Magnesium (Mg) 4.0%
Iron 14.0%
Manganese (Mn) 1.4%
CCE -107%
Silicon (Total) 4.0%

Q: How often should I test my soil?

A: The frequency of testing varies depending upon several factors: soil type, crop, rainfall, fertilizer, and many other factors. As a general rule, experts recommend conducting soil testing yearly. Soil samples should be taken from at least three locations for every two acres.

Q: What is a typical application rate for Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer?

A: The actual amount needed will depend on the pH level results in soil testing. Typical application rates are 1 – 2 tons per acre.

Q: How is this product made?

A: Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer is an innovative, eco-friendly product that uses a co-product of the iron and steel manufacturing process.

Q: Is this material environmentally friendly/safe?

A: These materials were used as early as the 1930s as an agricultural soil conditioner. They can improve the efficiency of fertilizers, therefore potentially requiring reduced application. They also have been shown to resist fungal infection and disease, reducing the amount of chemical applications needed. The materials are approved liming agents in both Indiana and Michigan. Silicon has been designated as a plant “beneficial substance” by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) and also meets all applicable environmental requirements. The EPA has promoted the use of slag for agricultural applications http://www.clu-in.org/ecotools/soil.cfm.

Q: Should I be concerned about heavy metal content when using Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer?

A: No. Careful research has shown that Plant Tuff does not contribute any significant uptake of metals in plants and is well below the maximum concentrations and loading limits published in the AOAC, USDA and EPA guidance documents.

Q: How is Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer applied?

A: Use Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer the same way you apply a liming agent. It is best applied in early fall, although it may be applied at the beginning of any growing season. Because of its unique chemical make-up, it spreads nicely, even at moisture levels up to 6%, utilizing standard equipment. Its dark color makes it easy to spread with snow on the ground because of the contrast in colors. Because Plant Tuff eliminates the need for lime, a single application is all your crops need to thrive.

Q: When can Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer be applied?

A: Use Plant Tuff Silicon pHertilizer the same way you apply a liming agent. To maximize its unique chemistry, it is best applied in early fall, although it may be applied at the beginning of any growing season.

Q: Does Plant Tuff come in different grades?

A: As a single-grade product, Plant Tuff is uniquely formulated with precise and accurate particle size distribution, allowing for both quick-acting and long-lasting impact in the field. Plant Tuff is stored under cover to guarantee consistency of moisture content. Once delivered to the field, the material can remain in the elements for months with no product degradation.

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