About Plant Tuff® and Edw. C. Levy Co.

About Plant Tuff, Edward C. Levy Co.

Plant Tuff, Inc. is part of the Edw. C. Levy Group of Companies. The Levy Group of Companies is deeply committed to protecting the natural environment and constantly searches for opportunities to reduce waste, minimize CO2 emissions, and to conserve and reuse energy wherever and whenever possible. We have been creating solutions for your environment since 1918.

Our products form the infrastructure to a greener world: from foundations for windmills and solar farms to recyclable glass, permeable asphalt pavement mixes, Portland cement substitutes, agricultural fertilizer, soil conditioner and AgLime, and many other environmentally conscious products and services.

Providing effective and continuous solutions to enhance the world around us takes dedication, responsibility, accountability, and a culture of continuous improvement. A commitment to these principles has given the Levy Group of Companies a reputation as an environmental leader.

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